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. . . to the nation's most advanced online training program for law enforcement professionals. Agencies can now employ an innovative and affordable method for their front line officers to increase their knowledge and skills.

Our programs cover a broad range of contemporary topics. We have scores of classes currently available for use and new topics are developed continuously.

You can join hundreds of other law enforcement agencies and experience our online training systems first hand!

**Our Introductory Package gives you one-year access to critical training on Sovereign Citizens, Cultural Diversity, and Human Trafficking all for just $20 per officer.**

Check out our training libraries on the Fees page and then go to the Sign-Up page for easy registration as a new user agency of the Law Enforcement Online Training Center. The quality and convenience of this new technology will quickly convince you of its value within your agency's future training program.

Check out our Demo Page to see how the classes operate.



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