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For three years the Vermont Criminal Justice Training Council and JPMA partnered to provide Vermont law enforcement agencies with access to the nation's most advanced and comprehensive online training program for law enforcement professionals. Due to unforeseen fiscal developments, the VCJTC had to terminate its program of funding for the Vermont Law Enforcement Online Training Center (May 2013).

Some classes remain available on the system for use at no cost to agencies, including the 2016 mandated Domestic Violence Training for Vermont law enforcement officers, and the number of these classes will increase as additional content sponsors step forward to support individual class development within the system. However, the vast majority of classes are only available to those agencies that subscribe for the Advanced Training Library ($60 per officer per year).

For more information please visit the Fees page located at the menu to the left.

Also note that all Vermont law enforcement currently have accounts in the system and agencies that need to update those accounts and rosters can contact JPMA as per the info below for assistance. Individual officers who do not have a login set up through your agency or have forgotten that login and/or password, check with your agency's training coordinator. If you continue to have difficulties accessing the training please contact JPMA directly (e-mail preferred and please include your agency name).

Check out our Demo Page to see how the classes operate.



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