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Content. Customization. Consulting.

What We Can Do for You

At JPMA, we provide simple, cost-effective, and turnkey training with our online content and learning management system. Hundreds of organizations use our methods to meet basic compliance as well as advanced level training requirements. Our IT specialists are available to assist you as needed.

Our Content

We provide dynamic training that not only meets the needs of annual training requirements but goes above and beyond those requirements to aid in real content retention. Using an advanced technology approach, we create online classes that are specially engineered to engage learners’ interest at all levels of your organization. At the same time, our interface is user-friendly and straightforward.

Custom Developing and Hosting

While our content is readily available for immediate use, we can rapidly deploy specific materials to meet your organization’s training objectives, including hosting your internal policies. We assist in several roles to ensure that training events are well suited for your learner community and developed in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Technology Training Consulting

We provide you with a unique level of guidance, planning, technical assistance, and development consulting to implement online training. This assistance can be the difference between the long-term success or failure of an online training effort.

The options for implementing a technology-powered training component become more numerous and complex each day. Scores of vendors selling learning management systems, content development software, or turnkey training solutions will claim that they provide the “best” solution. Sorting this all out, determining the factors and options that would best serve your agency and its training partners, is no small feat. We, at JPMA, have the knowledge and breadth of experience to provide you with reliable advice.

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