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First Responders Training

Up-to-date training for public safety professionals.

Technology-powered First Responders Training

JPMA Staff Development Solutions has provided technology-powered first responders training to more than 20,000 public safety professionals nationwide.

Our online first responders training, facilitates delivery of important information to public safety agencies in all geographical areas on a cost-effective basis.

The learning management system uses a web-based multimedia approach, to include an audio presentation track and providing a superior user experience. This secure system uses password protection to limit access to only those employees registered by participating agencies.

Course completion is documented with a printed certificate showing the results of a quiz related to the class materials. This information is also placed into an online database for the agency’s future use.

Diverse Course Offerings

First Responders Training courses include topics that relate to EMT, EMS, and EMA roles such as:

  • PTSD,
  • Autism Awareness,
  • Interacting with Law Enforcement,
  • Human Trafficking,
  • Mental Health,
  • and more.

Group Management

Purchase classes as a single user or for a group of users. Our group management feature allows supervisors to manage employee trainings effortlessly.

Available 24/7

Access learning materials anytime. Training is always available, and users can “revisit and refresh” anytime.

Higher Learning Retention

Online learning is more effective as individual learning styles can be accommodated. Slower learners can take their time and faster learners can speed ahead.

Reduced Training Costs

Users can train as part of their regular duties so additional salary costs such as overtime or replacements are eliminated.

Increased Accessibility

Lower costs and fewer logistical problems give more value for your training dollar, underscoring the efficiency of web-based training.

Training Records Management

Track overall training delivery and generate management reports on users, courses, completion dates and certificates of completion.

Industry Specific Course Packages

Our online training packages make it easy for you to take control of your training requirements. Manage courses for yourself or for all of your employees, quickly and easily. Track progress, print certificates of completion and stay on top of new training requirements.