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Law Enforcement Training

Continuing education for police officers.

Specialized, Online Law Enforcement Training 

JPMA Staff Development Solutions is an experienced provider of online law enforcement training. JPMA helps hundreds of law enforcement agencies deploy high‐quality training that is user‐friendly and cost‐effective. Our online training systems are simple to operate within a complex law enforcement work environment.

Our online law enforcement training solutions not only address common law enforcement requirements but can also be customized depending on the specific needs of your agency.

Our courses cover topics such as addiction, mental health, sexual assault, human trafficking, working with juveniles, and more.

Blended with traditional training, JPMA’s online training systems achieve greater impact in the staff development process.

Thousands of law enforcement agencies throughout the United States have accessed JPMA’s training services. JPMA Staff Development Solutions is committed to helping law enforcement organizations understand and employ effective training options. Our knowledge, expertise, and extensive set of skills are unsurpassed in the law enforcement online training arena.

We work hand‐in‐hand with experienced law enforcement subject matter experts to ensure that the resources provided are current, relevant, and effective.

Group Management

Purchase classes as a single user or for a group of users. Our group management feature allows supervisors to manage employee trainings effortlessly.

Available 24/7

Access learning materials anytime. Training is always available, and users can “revisit and refresh” anytime.

Higher Learning Retention

Online learning is more effective as individual learning styles can be accommodated. Slower learners can take their time and faster learners can speed ahead.

Reduced Training Costs

Users can train as part of their regular duties so additional salary costs such as overtime or replacements are eliminated.

Increased Accessibility

Lower costs and fewer logistical problems give more value for your training dollar, underscoring the efficiency of web-based training.

Training Records Management

Track overall training delivery and generate management reports on users, courses, completion dates and certificates of completion.

Industry Specific Course Packages

Our online training packages make it easy for you to take control of your training requirements. Manage courses for yourself or for all of your employees, quickly and easily. Track progress, print certificates of completion and stay on top of new training requirements.